That White Paper Guy’s Fees

How much does a white paper cost?

According to the biggest industry survey ever taken, it costs $5,000 to $7,000 to hire an experienced white paper writer.¹

Sure, you can find a writer for less. But can you afford to gamble on an unproven beginner?

Consider what a truly effective white paper can do:

  • Generate lots of high-quality leads
  • Create buzz around your new product or service
  • Pull in millions of dollars in $ales you might never land without it

Long after the bills are paid and forgotten, an effective white paper will still be working hard for you.

That’s why hiring a seasoned pro to help with your white paper is a smart investment.

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Benefit from my many years of experience

After working on 223 white papers since 1997, I’ve learned how to plan, create and market highly compelling white papers.

I even “wrote the book” on the subject, with the well-reviewed White Papers For Dummies. And I’ve been called “the reigning guru of white papers”² and even “the top white paper expert in the world.”³

You can benefit from my experience by hiring me to:

  • Develop a detailed plan for your white paper
  • Create content far better than “industry standard”
  • Advise you on effective white paper promotions

In all these ways, I can be “that white paper guy” who makes sure your next white paper get results.

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Planning a successful white paper
Creating a compelling white paper
Writing powerful case studies


Planning a successful white paper

Everything starts with a plan, and I never do a white paper without one. The process I’ve developed is so powerful, it’s a required first step for all my clients.
Fee: $975
Deliverables: A detailed plan, covering everything you need to give your white paper a solid foundation:

  • Your goals(s)
  • Your target audience(s)
  • The perfect flavor, either a backgrounder, numbered list or problem/solution
  • The recommended call to action
  • Your target keywords and search terms
  • An official list of reviewers
  • Likely sources for further research
  • A high-level overview of the content
  • Recommended design guidelines
  • realistic schedule to complete the project
  • My firm quote to complete the project

With your plan in hand, you can either hire me, look for another writer, or use in-house resources to create your white paper.
Turnaround: About two weeks
Terms: Payable in advance before I start
Guarantee: Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
To discuss planning your next white paper, call me at (705) 842-2428 Eastern or drop me an e-mail

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Creating a compelling white paper

You’re in good hands with my proven process for creating successful white papers, field-tested with 223 white papers for clients from giant Google to tiny startups, plus many smaller firms with big ideas.

Fee: Depends on complexity, research and deadline, generally $6,000 to $8,000

  • Draft Executive Summary for comments
  • Top-quality text with tables, pull quotes and footnotes
  • Business-quality graphics
  • Business-quality page design in Word
  • Reviewer’s checklist to keep reviewers on track
  • Revisions to incorporate comments (generally 2)
  • Complete bundle of sources you can spot-check
  • Design tips for your designer OR
  • Design option: Professional design and graphics available for an added fee

Turnaround: Now booking for September 2015
Terms: 1/3 payable in advance before I start, 1/3 on delivery of first draft, 1/3 on final delivery
Guarantee: Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

To discuss writing your next white paper, call me at (705) 842-2428 Eastern or drop me an e-mail

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Writing powerful case studies

Nothing is as powerful as an extended testimonial from a happy customer. I’ve written hundreds of case studies for clients like Autodesk, Google, Intuit and many more companies.

Just point me at your client, and you’ll get top-notch, magazine-quality stories with little effort from your team, and an ultra-light footprint on your client’s time.

Fees: $1,800 for one, discount for a group of 2+
(800 to 1,250 words each); plus $300 research fee for each new product or service covered


  • Transcript of client interview
  • 2 to 3-minute MP3 of best sound bites from client
  • Magazine-quality story with quotes and quick summary
  • Revisions to incorporate your comments (generally 2 drafts)

Approvals: You handle client approvals, and I incorporate all comments
Graphic design option: Professional design available for an added fee
Turnaround: Now booking for September 2015
Terms: For new clients, 50% payable in advance, 50% on final delivery
Guarantee: Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

To discuss your case study requirements, call me at (705) 842-2428 Eastern or drop me an e-mail

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1: White Paper Writer Industry Report, March 2007
2: Author Peter Bowerman, July 2013
3: American Writers and Artists Institute, May 2012